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The 2009 Communication Prize

The theme of the 2009 Communication Prize was “What is good research?”. The idea was to focus on prejudices of and demands to quality of research. How does the Industrial PhD students meet the demands of good quality research when they both have to satisfy a company and a university? Is it possible to satisfy both worlds? Is one kind of research more valuable than the other? Is there a conflict?


The 2009 Communication Prizes of 16.000 DKK, 8.000 DKK and 4.000 DKK, respectively, were awarded by the Danish Minister of Science Helge Sander at the ATV annual meeting held at the Danish National Museum. The Director of ATV, Lasse Skovby Rasmussen, also gave a speech where he talked about the importance of communication of research to the general public. The winners were:


First prize: “Jagten på den gode forskning” by Karoline Sidelmann Brinch, Novozymes A/S.


Second prize: “Forskning eller fornuft” by Søren Tranberg, Teknologisk Institut.


Third prize: “Mellem forskning og virkelighed” by Mads Lindholm, Ib Lindholm A/S.


All three winning contributions of the 2009 Communication Prize were published in “Magisterbladet” and in several University Posts.


We thank the sponsors of the 2009 Communication Prize:


Akademiet for Tekniske Videnskaber, ATV

Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen

COWI Foundation

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Birch og Krogboe Foundation

H. Lundbeck