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The 2012 Communication prize

The theme of the 2012 Communication Prize was “Communicate Your Research”. The assignment was to write about research results within your own research area to the young science interested readers of www.videnskab.dk.


In collaboration with videnskab.dk and Maja Horst, Head of Department at Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at University of Copenhagen, we found the three winning contributions.


The 2012 Communication Prizes of 16.000 DKK, 8.000 DKK and 4.000 DKK, respectively, were awarded by Maja Horst at the ATV 75 years anniversary conference held at DTU on Friday June 1. On this day, the Danish Minister of Education and a former scientific adviser for The White House; Professor Micheal R. Nelson, Georgetown University, talked about the importance of education and innovation. This winning contributions of this years Communication Prize were a perfect match to the program of the day and the winners were:


First prize: “Skoleelever lærer mindre, når læreren skælder ud” by Louise Klinge Nielsen, University of Copenhagen and Metropolitan University College.


Second prize: “Danske gymnasieelever taler naturvidenskaben ihjel” by Mai Murmann, Experimentarium and University of Copenhagen.


Third prize: “Hvorfor arbejde mere for mindre” by Signe Groth-Brodersen, Nordea Denmark A/S and Copenhagen Business School.


Se video of the ceremony here LINK


All three winning contributions of the 2012 Communication Prize were published at www.videnskab.dk

We thank the sponsors of the 2012 Communication Prize:

H. Lundbeck A/S

Novo Nordisk A/S


COWI Foundation

Akademiet for de Tekniske Videnskaber, ATV

Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation